Review: ChapStick Spring 2015 Limited Edition Pomegranate Gumdrop & Citrus Jelly Bean Lip Balms


Shortly after I posted the press info for these new Spring 2015 Limited Edition lip balms from ChapStick, I received both flavors for review.

I’ve been using these off and on for a few weeks now, and I’d love to share my thoughts with you!

These limited edition flavors were scheduled to hit stores beginning March 1st, so I’m guessing that some of you have already spotted them.

ChapStick Spring 2014 Limited Edition Citrus Jelly Bean and Pomegranate Gumdrop: Both of these lip balms have the same texture and consistency that you find in other traditional ChapStick lip balms. I find regular ChapSticks to have a texture that’s a bit slick and not heavy or thick, and these are exactly like that. For me, these are great to use underneath drier lipsticks, because they don’t dilute the color of lipsticks like some other lip balms tend to do, but they add some extra hydration to dry lip colors. Chap-Stick-Pomegranate-Gumdrop

Pomegranate Gumdrop:

this one has the strongest fragrance of the two, and it has a yummy, tart, mouth-puckering pomegranate note, but it also really does manage to smell like gumdrops. It’s a great combination of the two, and the flavor matches the fragrance. This one definitely tastes like sweet-yet-tart pomegranate candy to me.

Chapstick-Citrus-Jelly-Bean Citrus Jelly Bean:

ChapStick nailed it with this one too. The fragrance of this one isn’t quite as strong as Pomegranate Gumdrop, but it’s definitely noticeable. To my nose, it’s a great combination of tart orange and jelly bean. The flavor was a bit surprising–to me it almost tastes like orange zest with just a bit of a jelly bean background. It sort of has a bitter orange note (just like orange zest) and it’s not a sugary-sweet candy flavor. It tastes like a more “sophisticated” citrus, if that makes sense. FINAL VERDICT: If you love tart, fruity flavors and fragrances, I think you might enjoy these quite a bit. ChapStick has been doing a wonderful job with their limited edition gourmand flavors over the past few years (I still adore my Cake Batter and Velvet Cupcake balms) and these are no exception. They’re not sickeningly-sweet candy lip balms; they’re a bit more sophisticated while still managing to be “fun.” I say grab ’em while you can if the idea of these flavors appeals to you. Have you spotted these limited edition flavors in your area yet? Think you’ll give them a whirl? Again, here’s the  availability info from ChapStick:




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