Ok apart Best Chapsticks now amazing from different box 5 min Review about Wardrobe this is WoW RRP £1200 and Now £499.99

RRP £1200 – NOW £499.99 German Ernie White 270cm Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe Extra Height

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I bought yesterday this normal like normal wardrobe but when my hubi fix and when I was in the bedroom, I told only !!!!! WOW !!!!!! AMAZING!!!!! I decided to share with you about this.;)


if you want to have the same which I highly recommend click on the following link below

RRP£1200-NOW£499.99 German Ernie White 270cm Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe Extra Height



German 3 Door Wardrobe

This Wardrobe is a fantastic value 3 door sliding door wardrobe giving lots of hanging space with rails included and shelf space above.  A modern look with very clean lines finished in  white . Just email us if you’d like a sample of the finish. The mirrored door can be placed on either side when assembled

This sale is for the White 270cm 3 Door Mirror Sliding Wardrobe .

Available in Oak or White 225cm or 270cm Wide

Manufactured to exacting German standards all products are made at the company’s own production facilities in Germany. State-of-the-art production technology enables them to meet the highest quality standards for flat-pack furniture, ensuring perfect functioning and tried-and-tested reliability

If you like more info about this amazing wardrobe clikck hire to visit product website.

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